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There is nothing worth more than investing in yourself, your happiness and your success.

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1. Individual counseling

2. Personal breakthrough – customized 2 -days sessions

1. Student breakthrough – Customized 2-days sessions
2. Teachers’ program – group program.

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Everything is Possible By Leveraging the Power of the Moment

The author of the “Belly & the Wiseman” a story of transformation book, Amaal Ghadieh believes that self-improvement is a deliberate effort to raise one’s standards of living in various spheres of one’s life. Using the power of the moment and seizing the right opportunity at the right time can change our present and the future. Even though self-improvement is a never-ending quest to improve one’s skills, abilities, and knowledge, achieving it is the pinnacle of personal growth and development. For that reason, she offers a one-on-one coaching program that particularly focuses on mental conditioning, skill enhancement, and positive habit formation. With these 3 elements, her One on One Coaching Programme enable you to achieve your goals with clarity of mind.

One on One Coaching Programme on Personal Development

Amaal My Coach, basically initiated One on One Coaching Programme on personal development to lessen the emotional burden on adults, enhance the skill set of learners, make their lives smooth of individuals, and create positive impact on society. At Amaal My Coach, our core belief is that one on one coaching program increase your personal development outcomes and help you lead an authentic life. If you are looking for a Master Timeline Therapy Practitioner, then trust me; you are at the right spot; just contact one of our representatives and start your lessons with us.

Psychotherapy Pranic Healer

Ancient healing technique Pranic Healing (PH) focuses on the human body’s energy fields, both externally and inside. Amaal uses Prana, or vital energy, as a key source of healing in this alternative therapy. It is a well-tested system of energy treatment that utilizes Prana to balance, harmonize and modify the body’s energy, Chakras, and daily functions of life. Amaal, the certified Psychotherapy Pranic Healer has assisted uncountable people in overcoming their negativity in life to get a more positive attitude in their everyday lives.

Overcome Your Past Mistakes, Solve Your Present Problems

Every aspect of our lives is impacted by undesirable emotions and restrictive beliefs. Overcoming those beliefs and sentiments is necessary for personal development and growth. Timeline Therapy is one of the services that Amaal My Coach provides to its clients to make their life calm and serene.

Hypnotherapy & Relationships Coaching in Dubai

Hypnosis and NLP have evolved into Time Line Therapy, which is a robust therapeutic method. Applied to the idea that humans store memories in a linear fashion in an internal memory storage system, it was developed using a restorative procedure. It facilitates the release of painful emotions associated with memories or experiences from the past, making Hypnotherapy in Dubai, one of the most effective processes and approaches for personal growth and change.

Your Master Timeline Therapy Practitioner

What we can take away from those experiences and use as a resource for the future is also a subject of this approach. Overcoming the limiting beliefs that keep you in the past or prevent you from achieving your goals is another benefit of this technique. If you are going through any type of distress or you have suffered a heart-wrenching trauma, as your Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, i will totally understand it and will try to improve the quality of your life.

  • Release painful memories
  • Overcome limiting believes
  • Get rid of restrictive thoughts
  • Relieve your anxiety and stress
  • Make peace with yourself
  • Promote self-growth and improvement