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“Yes, that would be amazing. I would love to be your friend. But I don’t know where you live.”

Belly and the Wiseman
A Story of Transformation

We all have choices, but what decision we take makes all the difference. Through the transformational journey of Belly, the author teaches us the underlying principles of nature and leads the readers to understand empowerment, decision-making, and wisdom.

Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life.

Amaal my Coach offers you a unique, bespoke personal development coaching programme. Sometimes this may mean giving you a chance to turn your life around when everything looks so dark and hopeless. As your master coach in Dubai, Amaal will personally help you alter the track and lead you towards success. Our programmes, including Hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, and Timeline Therapy, train you to make the right career choices, balance work, family, and relationships, and realise your true potential to enliven the change you desire.

a story of transformation

Be Free from Limiting and Negative Beliefs

Limiting beliefs impede success. If children internalise negative beliefs from a young age, their physical, social and mental development is delayed. Likewise, unresolved emotions and unhealed traumas hinder their academic performance and obstruct the socialisation process. On the other hand, when adults pent up their emotions, it stops them from achieving their goals and success. Through NLP techniques combined with Hypnotherapy sessions or Timeline Therapy., individuals will feel lighter, happier and freer. Hence, this will also help them achieve their goals.

Personal Development Coaching From the Best Master Coach in Dubai

To achieve goals and pursue dreams, personal development is necessary. In this regard, Neuro-Linguistic Programing has become a leading stepping stone toward self-awareness, personal development, and career growth. At Amaal My Coach, Amaal assists her clients in personal
development by utilizing the power of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Through this effective personal development coaching program, she helps change perceptions, behaviors, and even prolonged addictions.
As we all know that personal development can make your vision and life goals attainable. It is often time assumed that individuals who are unsuccessful, facing failures, or have low self-esteem need this training, but the reality is far from it. Even the most successful people can take great advantage of it and may improve their life.
One of the basic principles of NLP is that the personnel who is undergoing this program has to take responsibility for their actions. They have to accept their flaws in order to correct their mistakes and change their past behavior or bad habits. When you are fully aware of your strengths, weakness, and behaviors, you can see the larger picture, which helps you control your anxiety and curb the stress in circumstances that are beyond your control. You hold power to change your present, to change the outcomes in the future, but this is all possible when you are under the guidance of the master coach in Dubai, Amaal. For more information about my coaching programs, visit my Services Page.

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